Anneka McLean

I recently stumbled across one of Anneka McLean’s videos on YouTube and I felt compelled to blog about her. I honestly never heard of her until I clicked on one of her videos. In this particular video, she talked about how she was often mocked and made fun of for having full lips. A feature of hers that stands out when you first look at her, but in a good way.

I appreciated the fact that even though she was made fun of for having full lips, she never felt self-conscious or ashamed of it. In fact, she embraced it.

As a woman with full lips, I love my lips. Whenever I wear lipstick or any type of glossy lip color, I get loads of compliments. The same can be said for Anneka. Her lips in my personal opinion is her best feature and I think she is beautiful. Her smile is even more beautiful if you ask me.

Anneka, like so many other Black women like myself, is not afraid to tout her pout with lip colors that were once frowned upon for Black women. Anneka takes pride in her looks, like we all should, and I think it’s extremely important that we don’t make fun of other people’s physical characteristics. The definition of beauty is not just narrow, it’s broad too.

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