Why Should It Matter? (Repost)

A good friend of mine shared a link to an online forum where users pick apart the features of famous athletes, singers, actors and actresses. The purpose of this is to specifically see if these famous people have any Black ancestry. Because I respect my blog way too much, I will not share nor post this disgusting racist forum on my blog. With that being said, there was one long thread that caught my attention.

The thread was about former MLB player Grady Sizemore. This thread was full of White women who were praising (initially) just how “hot” and sexy he was. What changed all that? A White male user shared that he is half Black. Oh my goodness! You should’ve seen how those women back peddled from their comments.

Grady soon became everything from a boon, to a monkey and every other racist name associated with Black people. No longer was he the “hot” and sexy MLB player…

So because they now know that he has Black in him, half Black to be exact, he’s no longer attractive? Grady has always been proud of his Black father and never hid the fact that he is half Black. Why should it even matter?

Is being Black or having Black ancestry that bad? Of course not. Having Black ancestry, whether great or small, is nothing to be ashamed of. Nor should it be something to hide. Adding to that, having any type of Black ancestry doesn’t make a person less attractive or less human.

It’s a shame how the racist and prejudiced slave mentality still exists in non-Black people today. Sheesh! You know it’s bad when they start looking for Black features in other people.

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