You see that number? That’s my current weight good people. I’m now 148 lbs! I’m no longer 164 lbs!!! I dropped quite a bit early on just by cutting down my soda intake to once a week. I’m going to assume that was “water weight” that I lost at first. I’ll take it because it definitely wasn’t helping my PCOS!

Changing my eating habits has been the hardest struggle, but I’m determined to feed and treat my body much better. Since I’ve eliminated most of my soda intake, the bumps and discoloration from drinking way too many sodas has almost cleared up around my neck and chin area. My neck is also becoming more defined as I continue to lose weight. Try not to get freaked out by my open eyes lol…

My Gazelle has been a lifesaver too because I can work out in my own home. It doesn’t put a strain on my bowed legs and it has helped to tone my arms and legs. Soon, I’ll be focusing on shaping them. And for the ladies with much booty in the back like myself, it tones and lifts that too. Hey Hey!

Note: Please don’t ask me, why am I standing so wide? I’m bowed legged so this is how I stand when my legs are “closed”. I can’t help it. My knees and thighs don’t touch. 😩

If you been struggling with trying to eat healthy and staying healthy, start a friendly competition with your family or friends. That’s what got me started. Once you get started, please don’t stop. I’m rooting for you and I hope you are rooting for yourself too. You got this! πŸ’ͺπŸΎπŸ˜‰

Until next time…

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