Race Relations

We live in a world where race relations aren’t the best. Some find it hard to be friends with individuals who are of a different nationality or race because they believe they don’t have much common. But is that really the case? Could it be that they themselves are harboring some form of prejudice that keeps them from getting to know other groups of people? That’s something to think about.

I have an amazing group of racially diverse friends and I know that’s not the norm for most people. Why? Because most people have trouble connecting with someone who is of a different nationality or ethnic background. A lack of confidence, poor self-esteem and deep-seated racism or prejudice is usually to blame.

I come from a racially diverse family and so it’s easy for me to connect with people who don’t share the same skin color as me. I find myself pitying those who are missing out on such wonderful opportunities because they don’t know or refuse to know how to truly connect with people who are of a different nationality or ethnic background than them.

If you are a person who possesses a racially diverse group of friends, I sincerely want to commend you. I tend to laugh (sometimes) when I hear people say, I have Black friends or White friends and it’s like maybe one or two. When I say diverse, I mean exactly that. Diverse. Black, Native American, White, Middle Eastern, Hispanic, Asian and so forth. Those are the types of good close friends I possess and cherish and I wouldn’t trade them for nothing in the world!

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