This is getting ridiculous. If you’ve been paying attention to the news lately, you are probably familiar with Blackfishing. For those of you who aren’t, Blackfishing is when a non-Black person “pretends” to be Black or half Black. Why? Because it makes them look more appealing or “exotic” when they darken their skin with tanning products and contour their features to look more “Afro centric“. How disrespectful.

Some have went as far as buying butt pads and getting butt and lip injections to fool other people into thinking they are Black or half Black. Why? Because round buttocks, full lips and curvy hips is very common amongst Black women; physical features that have been mocked for centuries. To “seal” the look, they sport the most popular hairstyles amongst Black women. How disturbing because some look absolutely ridiculous.

As more are being “called out” on their Blackfishing behavior, some have tried to lie by saying they get really dark when exposed to the sun. Nah, not that dark. That backfired in the worst way because other users uploaded damaging photos of them. When they have no other lies to spew, some finally admit what millions of people already knew: they like appropriating Black culture and “certain” Black features. Say what you want, but that also shows they suffer with low self-esteem.

These Blackfishing women have no problem appropriating Black culture and “certain” Black features, but they don’t want to accept everything else that comes along with it like daily racism, prejudice and discrimination. Oh, okay. I see. Nah, not really. At the end of the day, Blackfishing is disrespectful, it’s deceitful and it’s downright offensive. As for those who fake being Black or half Black for profit, they should be ashamed of themselves.

Black people have been hated and envied for centuries and it’s still prevalent today. Now we have to contend with non-Black people “faking” to be Black or half Black. Take pride in yourself. Don’t try to look and be like somebody else. Don’t live your life as a lie.

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