Open Season

In case you haven’t already noticed, it’s open season on Black people when it comes to getting shot down by White cops. I know all White cops aren’t like this, but it’s becoming way too common AGAIN of INNOCENT Black people being KILLED by White cops. That’s a problem.

You don’t see a bunch of Black cops going around and killing White people. Ask yourself, why is it the reverse when it comes to Black people?

Take for instance, the recent case of Emantic “EJ” Bradford. This young man is laying in the ground DEAD for no reason. He was racially profiled by a trigger happy cop who shot him in the back THREE times as he was trying to HELP other people get away from the gunfire.

His autopsy showed he was shot in the head, neck and hip. Do you understand why so many Black people are becoming enraged by cases like this? As far this cowardly cop, he will soon be revealed and he will be charged. It’s only a matter of time.

I’m a Black woman with a brother who is two years younger than me and an Aunt of two nephews. I can’t imagine one of them being shot down by a cop for no reason after they complied with orders, had a licensed to carry, or was trying to help innocent bystanders get away.

Racism, prejudice and the history of slavery has done a good job demoralizing, demeaning and holding back Black people while at the same time posing “US” as a threat. We aren’t a threat, but we are threatened.

Do you want to know another heartbreaking and bitter sobering fact? There will be even more INNOCENT Black people, especially Black men being killed by White cops. Just you watch. It will happen again.

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