I find it so disappointing that some people feel the need to minimize, undermine or criticize someone else’s accomplishments, abilities or successes. Why can’t they just be happy for that person? So because it’s not happening for them, they can’t be happy for the other person? How sad.

When you can be happy for someone else’s “come up” in life or major accomplishment(s), you show a level of maturity and humility. Even if it’s a person you may not necessarily care for, you still want to wish them well. Don’t hinder or block your own blessings. Wish them well from a distance and live your best life.

I’ve had my share of people who hoped for my downfall and failure, but I never retaliated or hoped the same for them. They may have thought I did because that’s what they were doing to me, but Nita is too mature for that. Life is too short to be bitter, resentful and spiteful. Just think, the energy you waste on being negative could be put to good use by being positive.

When you spread peace, you can be at peace and that I tell you is a beautiful thing.

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