I was reading a hilarious article not too long ago about bad neighbors. It got me to thinking about my own experiences. For the most part, my experiences have been good. I can only recall one neighbor that I didn’t necessarily care for and it was when I moved into my first apartment while in college.

Does anyone remember how big Guitar Hero and Rock Band was when it first came out? Well, this neighbor of mine loved to play Guitar Hero or Rock Band several times a week late at night. If you’ve ever played Guitar Hero or Rock Band, then you know just how loud those games are and can be! The man had no shame which is why I and the rest of my neighbors had no shame reporting him. 🙃

If you want a good laugh, click on the Instagram link I’m about to share. This clip perfectly illustrates my pain during that time whenever I was trying to sleep. He finally settled down after almost two weeks of us complaining. I can laugh about it now. Back then, I was fuming. ROTFLMBO! Click here and make sure your sound is on. SMH…😂😂😂

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