Green Book

I love movies that are inspirational and inspired by true events. That is what the movie Green Book is about. It’s centered around the unlikely friendship of Jamaican pianist Don Shirley and Italian bouncer Tony Lip. When I first saw the preview for Green Book, I knew I had to go see it with a group of my friends.

The trailer for Green Book made me smile as I watched a friendship between the two begin to form. I just wish Don Shirley and Tony Lip were still around to see it. They both passed away in 2013, but I have no doubt they would have been thrilled to know a movie set to win a slew of awards is about their friendship.

I Count On Me, penned and performed by Aloe Blacc for the movie’s soundtrack, is both beautiful and inspiring. It was developed from the mindset so many Black people have to have in order to deal with racism, prejudice and discrimination. Yet, with that being said, I think everyone could still benefit from such a beautiful song.

Click here to give it a listen. To see the trailer for Green Book, click here. Go ahead and get your tickets!

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