Way Too Common

I had to make a brief blog post on the mass shootings within the United States before calling it a night. These are my thoughts and my own opinions so feel free to disagree…

When you take a look at the growing number of mass shootings within the United States, you have to wonder why such behavior is becoming way too common. Individuals with hate in their hearts and evil within their souls are emboldened to commit such terroristic acts without a hint or even a warning. When you think about that, it’s pretty scary and what’s even more scary is that it’s going to happen again. And again…

The fact is this: The United States is full of homegrown terrorists. Yes, terrorists born in the U. S. of A and these aren’t the terrorists from the Middle East or foreign countries that the news likes to thrust in our faces. Take a look at the mug shots lately of the mass shooters. Do they look “foreign” to you?

The United States is so worried about letting “possible” terrorists in when it’s full of its very own terrorists. If you ask me, sometimes you have to pay attention to your own before you go pointing your fingers at somebody else. In the mean time, I suggest people look up the real definition of a terrorist. I’m sure those who are quick to think “foreign” would be surprised.

Until next time, please be safe and have a wonderful night everyone.

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