It May Not Be For You

My blog that is. On my blog, I post uncomfortable subject matter at times, but that’s life. Life is not always comfortable. There will be times where we will be made to feel uncomfortable. It’s inevitable. It’s going to happen and for others, it may happen more than once.

As a Black woman, it should be a given that my blog will be geared towards subject matters of the Black experience. I will share unsettling truths, stories and facts that may make you feel uncomfortable, ashamed, sick or even mad, but if it’s the truth it’s the truth. I can’t be ashamed to share the truth no matter how painful or uncomfortable it may be…

As a blogger, I have readers and followers who follow and unfollow at times, but I can respect that. What I post isn’t for everybody. My blog, BookingAnita, is a place where I share inspirational stories, facts, as well bitter truths. The overwhelming majority of my readers and subscribers love it. Will this blog ever deviate from that? No, not a chance.

Until next time…

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