Hidden Nursery Rhymes

Good Evening everyone! I typically don’t post twice on Sundays, but my previous post, Beauty and Race, triggered a curiosity in some of my non-Black readers. They wanted to know if I would be willing to share any more historical hidden facts regarding race and racism. Seeing how I like to use my blog to also educate in between my writing, I was happy to oblige. When we know better as a human race, we can do better as a human race. ❤️

I decided to share a clip of famous nursery rhymes that were originally penned by the composer to degrade, make fun and humiliate Black people. These nursery rhymes have since been “Whitewashed” for political correctness. You may be familiar with some of these. My hope is after you have learned the history behind these racist nursery rhymes, you will help tell others. Click here.

As a bonus, I’m going to share one more clip. Can you spot the “humor” and sarcasm in this second one? Click here to see if you can.

Until next time…

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