Beauty and Race

Warning: This post contains strong images and unfiltered truths.

For centuries, yes even now, Black physical features have been considered unattractive or “ugly.” Broad noses, full lips, round hips and round buttocks were a long standing source of mockery geared towards Black people. If you were to take a look back at Black caricatures, it typically featured oversized lips, bigger than broader noses, our buttocks were made to look more oversized than what it really was and of course, we can’t forget the “Black” face.

Keep reading because I’m going to post a snippet of Coal Black and de Sebben Dwarfs at the end. Smh at the spelling. They knew what they were doing…

As a Black woman, and woman of color, I have to wonder why such caricature features were thrust into the limelight as “ugly“, yet at the very same time, you had a lot of racist White men running to sleep with Black women. Society likes to keep that dark dirty secret hidden, but Black people know better. Ask any Black person to pull out pictures of their past relatives and you will unfortunately see products of racist interracial relationships. It was painfully evident in my Grandfather and on his side of the family.

Say what you want, but such disgusting and racist behavior was used and is still used to lower the self-esteem of Black people and in a lot of cases, it has worked. A lot of Black people have been getting surgery to make their Black nose more European, others have lightened their skin, and some have even reduced the size of lips. Some Black women have even opted to wear their hair straight because society says Afro-textured hair is ugly or “unprofessional.” How sad.

On the flip side, you have White women getting lip injections to try and mimic the full lips typically found in Black women. Others have rushed to get butt injections or implants because now it seems that having round buttocks and hips is sexy and attractive. I got news for you, it always has been. I know within my own family there were racist and prejudiced White men who foamed all out the mouths at stacked women like my Mom, aunts and her cousins when they were growing up in the 50’s and 60’s. You won’t find too many White Grandfathers admitting that. Yes, I said it.

I love my Black features, especially my full lips because they go perfectly with my medium length eye lashes and my large eye folds. Whenever I’m dressed up for a night out on the town, you’d be surprised how many White business men approach me. Some I can tell have a “Black” fetish that they want to live out, but Anita is not going to be a Jezebel experience for no man. Sadly, some Black women have because they crave the approval of White men. How sad.

Black people have been the largest target of hatred and mockery when it comes to our physical characteristics which has in turn, affected the self-esteem of millions of Black people around the world. That has to change. The cycle must be broken. Beauty is not found within one race, but all races. My Black is beautiful and your (insert race) is beautiful too!

Click here for a brief snippet of Coal Black and de Sebben Dwarfs.

Until next time…

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