Lord Have Mercy…

I came across two horrendous child abuse cases that almost ripped my heart apart. In the first case, two she-beasts beat a toddler to death just because she accidentally urinated on herself. In the second case, five trash urchins abused a teen boy so badly that some of his scalp and teeth was missing. Police say in the second case, the boy would’ve died in two more days if he hadn’t of been found. That’s how badly abused and neglected he was.

I want you to take a good look at these atrocious, heartless and putrid looking individuals.

How could an adult or several adults treat a child or children so cruel? Evil, pure evil I say. The little toddler who was beaten to death for accidentally urinating on herself suffered for hours as she was whipped over and over. No mercy was shown by these deplorable she-beasts whatsoever. The same can be said for the five trash urchins who almost starved and tortured a little boy to death.

If I sound upset, that’s because I am.

To read more on the five trash urchins, click here. To see the sentencing of the two she-beasts, click here. Watch how they fall out when they hear their sentence. I hope the five trash urchins receive the same sentence.

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