Edges Laid

Since my Black Hair Struggles post, some readers were interested in what I used to lay my edges. I don’t mind DMs inquiring about hair products I use because it may work for you. Black women, we know we like to have our edges laid don’t we? LMBO! By the way, some of my non-Black readers asked if my hair from yesterday’s post was wet. The answer is No. My hair was in a wash n’ go low ponytail and I took it down. I’ll explain what a wash n’ go is in a few…

For my edges, I personally like to use two types: Hicks Edge Control and Mielle Organics Edge Gel. For me, using these two together lays my edges all day. For some other Black women, they might choose to use just one particular type of edge control. I prefer these two. There are so many different types to choose from, you just have to find one that works for you my fellow naturalistas. 😉

Alright, for my non-Black readers, a wash n’ go is when a Black person with natural hair (hair with no chemicals to alter the hair’s texture or structure) applies a product or products to their freshly washed hair to define their curls, kinks or waves. For some Black people like myself, a wash n’ go can last a whole week.

I just spritz my hair with water every morning to make my curls, kinks and waves spring up again. I only apply moisturizer to my straight sections of hair because there is nothing to define with straight hair 😐. I just try to blend it’s stubborn self with the rest of my hair. The longer my hair gets again, the easier it will be to blend my straight hair with the rest of my hair.

I like to use products that keep my hair feeling soft because my hair is very soft. My favorite wash n’ go products are:

Question for my fellow natural hair women, what are your favorite wash n’ go product or products?

Until next time…

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