Jemel Roberson

If you have been paying attention to the news, you know very well who Jemel Roberson was. I say was because he is now deceased. What caused his untimely death? Four shots from a trigger happy police officer. A police officer who was informed by several of the patrons that Jemel was the security guard. The very same security guard who subdued a gunman who came in aiming to take many lives that evening. Unfortunately for Jemel, he lost his life while saving the lives of others.

Jemel, like some of the other INNOCENT Black men, has become another statistic of deadly police brutality. Jemel Roberson, a Black man, was shot four times while pinning down a gunman who came in that evening aiming to take many lives. Yes, Jemel was shot four times after several of the patrons informed the White police officer that Jemel was the security guard.

That’s becoming a theme lately. Shoot or kill the Black man first, then ask questions later. Spare the life of the White gunman who just killed several people, but if you have to shoot the White gunman, don’t shoot to kill. When you report the crime to the media, tell them the Black man was a thug or life long criminal. The White gunman who just murdered several people? Oh, he suffered from depression, has a mental illness or struggled with PTSD. Are you following me?

Jemel shouldn’t be laying up in the morgue right now. He should be at home with his 9 month old son and family. Jemel, at the age of 26, was trying to provide for his family by working as a security guard and staying out of trouble. Now he’s dead because of a trigger happy police officer who saw him as a “threat.” Jemel had just saved numerous lives. How on earth could he be seen as a “threat?” Jemel the Hero is dead because of racial profiling and that is beyond tragic.

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