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I was asked, why am I expressing such a dislike for the “standard” BMI index? Because it’s unrealistic for Black women like myself who are well-endowed in the hips, thighs and buttocks area. Keep reading because I’ll be sharing a few more pictures at the end of my post to support my stance.

I can’t tell you how many doctors have “urged” me to get down to a “healthy” weight of 120-135 lbs because they are going by the standard BMI index. In all honesty, I would look sickly if I got down to that size. I would never attempt to get down to that size and I don’t care how many doctors “urge” me to. You can have curves, hips and round buttocks and still be healthy too!

My buttocks aren’t going anywhere because it’s genetic; it runs in my family. My thighs aren’t going anywhere because it’s genetic; it runs in my family. With me working out again, the weight in my thighs, hips and buttocks still aren’t going anywhere. They are going to get toned, tightened and lifted again which is fine by me. 👌🏾

So many women have surgery or buy weight gaining products just to get what I and so many other women were born with naturally. Surely, it can’t be that bad since so many women are working hard to build them a booty, hips and / or thighs. If they aren’t buying products to try and build it, they are buying the “parts” through surgery. To each their own. Do what makes YOU happy. 👌🏾

I stand by what I said. The BMI index is flawed when it comes to Black people because it doesn’t take into consideration the bone density of Black people and our fat deposits in our hips, thighs and buttocks area. That alone on average will make us weigh 10-20 lbs more depending on the person.

Here are a few more Black women to support my stance that the BMI index is flawed. Due to their BMI index, they were urged to lose weight on more than one occasion despite being active and healthy. Please don’t sexualize the pictures. These women in my opinion are healthy and are not overweight.

You see what I mean? Until next time…

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