Amal Hussain-Repost

I came across something so hurtful and so disturbing the other day that I had to share it on all my blogs. For some reason or another, I had to post this twice due to an error with WordPress. As a human being with a heart, regardless of your economic status, racial status or social status, what are your thoughts on the following image? Viewer discretion is advised.

Click here.

Did what you see break your heart? Did you feel some type of anger or pain? Where is the love for all of humanity? I can tell you it’s far, few and in-between. That image is truly heart-breaking and yet this happens each and every day to millions of children all around the world.

So many of us have no cause to complain. The things many of us complain about is so trivial compared to serious matters such as this. The next time you think about complaining, think of how fortunate you are compared to the millions of people suffering because of violence, war and poverty.

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