I Can’t Take It

I can’t take seeing a child hungry, abandoned, mistreated or abused. It does something to me and at times, I find myself becoming depressed over it. I’ll go into my “save them all” mode in a heart beat and when I can’t, I find myself becoming distraught. I love children because I believe they are precious gifts that should be nurtured and cherished.

If I stumble across a news segment or article about a child being abused, neglected, raped or molested, I get very angry. No child should ever have to endure such treatment. A child dying because of vicious and unloving behavior is heartbreaking and unnerving. The mistreatment of children just isn’t right and it bothers me deeply.

The world is full of sick and twisted people. In my opinion, those who harm and mistreat children are the sickest and not only that, they are pure evil. They are lower than subhuman filth! Yes, I said it and I meant it.

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