A Request From New Readers

Good evening good people. You know I like to use my blog to educate people; especially when it comes to racism and prejudice. As a favor to a few of my NEW readers, I’m going to list my most recent experiences of racism / prejudice and how I dealt with it. Racism and prejudice is always going to be a part of my life, so I try to deal with it the best way I can.

Modern day experiences in 3,2,1…

1. I had walked into a high end retail store to buy a nice outfit when almost immediately I was followed around. Why? Because I was expected to steal. The kicker? There was a nicely dressed White lady a few feet over who was filling her purse with stolen items. Did I say anything? Not a word because if they had of been watching everyone, they would have saw her themselves. That store didn’t get a dime of my money. If I had a lint ball, I wouldn’t have left it there either. 💅🏾

2. I was waiting at the front desk of a rehab facility one day when an older White man walked up to me. He smiled at me so I smiled back. As he was smiling, he told me that I reminded him of the first Black “gal” he split dark oak with. This one was hard, very hard because I wanted to knock him out. My fists were throbbing. That’s how bad I wanted to hit him. I prayed like never before on this one. I came real close to relapsing and losing my temper that day. He doesn’t know what pain he escaped by me walking off. 😡🤬🤛🏾

3. As I was walking across a parking lot to get to my car, the driver of a truck sped up and acted like he was going to run me over. He sped by me so quick that a big draft blew by. Other people in the parking lot were trying to make sure I was alright. One lady tried to get the tag number. The driver had a big confederate flag design for his back rear window. Smh…

Sometimes I wonder where the strength of Black people comes from to deal with such treatment our whole lives. Then again, I don’t have to wonder because I just think of the people I’m descended from…

First and foremost, it’s the blood of Africans. Second to that it’s the blood of Brazilian Indians. Third, it’s the blood of Native Americans. Last but not least, it’s the blood of Middle Easterners that runs through my veins. Yes, I’m full of minority blood. I’m descended from a group of people who fought hard and long for equality and we are still fighting. That is why I, like so many other Black people, is able to stay strong.

Me? Break? Nah, they’ll break first if it comes down to it. That you can put money on.

Until next time…

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