Ancestry and Surprising Discoveries

Tracing your roots can be overwhelming and time consuming; especially if you are Black. One service that has been very helpful, especially for Black people, is No offense to MyheritageDNA, but they are no where near as accurate as is far more accurate and detailed than any other DNA testing service (i.e. 23andMe, FamilyTreeDNA). I’m not too upset about the money I spent on MyheritageDNA because I bought it for less than half the price during Black Friday last year. Whew!

Two discoveries I will share with you this morning has to do with what I found on my mother and father’s side. Let’s just say they got some explaining to do. I kid, I kid. On my mother’s side, I was surprised to find Amazonian ancestry that was traced to Brazilian Indians. On my father’s side, I learned that’s where my Middle Eastern ancestry (Saudi and Iraqi) came from. I guarantee you this is NOT something any of parents knew. Seeing how my father is now deceased, I have no doubt he would’ve been shocked to learn he had a good bit of Middle Eastern ancestry.

Now when it comes to my Mom, she’s going to “cut up” because the minute I mention Amazon to her and Brazilian Indians, her eyes are probably going to pop out of her head. My Mom is a trip, but she’s such a sweetie pie. With that being said, have any of you discovered any recent shocking discoveries about your ancestry? This woman has and I’m sure I’ll find more. I’m anxious to find more pictures of my Black ancestors from the 1800’s and early 1900’s. That’s always exciting.

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2 thoughts on “Ancestry and Surprising Discoveries”

  1. That’s some really intriguing info you just received! I just ordered my kit so currently waiting so I may join the identity search. In the meantime, just by starting the family tree has already been fun as I have learned my great grandpa is Cherokee Indian. If and depending on how much of my heritage is African I will definitely be taking the AfricanAncestry DNA test. I think it will be informative to get down to the actual tribe! Have you did that one or plan to? Or I guess, heard of that one?
    Good luck with your journey! It will be time consultant but a fun discovery!

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    1. Yes, tracing your roots can be time consuming, but it’s so rewarding. It’s like you’re on your own little treasure hunt to locate hidden family jewels. That is awesome what you found out about your Great Grandpa. Wishing you all the best on your ancestry journey. 😊😊😊


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