Doctors Expose Racism in Healthcare

There has been a number of doctors recently who have come forward to expose the rampant racism and ill treatment of Black people in healthcare. These doctors have openly admitted how Black people aren’t taken seriously when they are complaining about pain. Not only that, when it comes to life saving treatments, they are less likely to offer such treatments to Black people. I have a few links to share with you in the end so you can see for yourself so keep reading…

Many doctors feel that Black people “exaggerate” their symptoms, but if a White person were to complain of the same symptoms, doctors are three times likely to run tests and etc for them than they would for a Black person. With this new “revelation”, many are now concerned with the large amount of deaths among Black people that could have been prevented. We are talking millions by the way.

What bothers me the most about this recent “revelation” is that Black people have been saying this for years, but when a Non-Black doctor says it, millions of people want to suddenly believe it. The huge disparity of racism towards Black people in healthcare is disheartening, uncalled for and troubling. Black people shouldn’t have to push so hard for doctors to believe them or treat them.

Ask yourself, Would I want to be a Black person seeking medical care or treatment? I’ll go ahead and answer that for you. ‘No’ because many times it’s like pulling teeth.

For more info, click on the links below.

Racial Biases in the Healthcare System

Black Women and Childbirth

U.S. News Report

Harvard Health on Racism and Discrimination in Healthcare

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