Sex Crimes!

I HATE reading, hearing or seeing stories about sexual assaults, molestations and rapes. Especially when it happens to babies and children. It makes me sick to my stomach that an adult male or female can do something so despicable and vile to an innocent baby or child…

If it’s one thing that makes my blood boil more, it’s the family members who defend these sexual predators. I remember reading a story a few years ago about a PEDOPHILE who stated that the baby he raped was flirting with him. His mother actually defended him and agreed that the baby was acting ‘flirtatious’ towards him. Lies. All lies. Let that had of been my baby, one of my nieces or nephews. That’s all I will say…

One woman tried to start a GoFundMe page to help pay for her son’s funeral after he was killed trying to rob someone. This son of hers was also being looked at for possible sex crimes. I will NOT use my money to bail a criminal out of jail nor will I contribute any of MY money for their legal costs. They can sit there til Kingdom come for all I care. Rapists, molesters, murderers, theives and the like won’t receive a dime from me. Not even a lint ball. They gets NOTHING from me.

Sex crimes against babies and children are one of the worst crimes a person can commit. Family or no family, you will get no support from me. You do the crime, you do the time. If you choose to support such spawns of subhuman filth, don’t ask me for money because you won’t get it. BookingAnita doesn’t support people who commit crimes. To me, that’s rewarding bad behavior.

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