Best Friend Tag!

My best friends and I have been doing friendship tags on each other to see how well we really know each other. Not so surprisingly, we actually know each other very well. If you’ve never done a friendship tag, you should do it. It made our friendship even more closer.

Friendship tag questions in 3,2,1…

What is one trait of mine you dislike sometimes?

Friend #1: Your stubbornness.

Friend #2: Your temper. You’ve gotten a lot better, but there’s still room for improvement.

Friend #3: Your sarcasm.

What is one trait of mine that you wish you had?

Friend #1: Your debating ability on topics of race, discrimination, ethics, inequality and etc.

Friend #2: Your wit.

Friend #3: Your creativity.

What is the one thing you wish I would show more?

Friend #1: Your looooooong hair. (SMH, this was her actual answer 😂)

Friend #2: Your smile.

Friend #3: Your smile.

What is one thing about me people would be surprised to know?

Friend #1: Your right middle finger looks like an E.T. finger. (This one actually made me laugh. I slammed it off in a door when I was two and the nail looks very E.T. 😂)

Friend #2: Your pinky toes. I honestly think you have the Guinness World Record for the smallest, squarest pinky toe nails ever.

Friend #3: You have beautiful translucent skin.

Name a few things I’m terrified of?

Friend #1: Giant rabbits and clowns

Friend #2: Centipedes and millipedes

Friend #3: Cicadas and gnomes

ROTFLMBO! Until next time…happy Thursday!

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