Never Gave It a Thought

I was reading a post by a fellow blogger who discussed how she’s very careful about the things she posts. Why? Because she doesn’t want her employer or colleagues to see or read the things she posts. As I was reading her blog post, it hit me that I never gave any thought as to what my employer would think about my blog and here’s why…

For starters, I never post anything that is inappropriate. Second to that, this is not my only blog. Third, BookingAnita and A.L. Gibson is not my only pen name. And last but not least, what I post outside of business hours is of no concern to them. My blogs are another source of income and adding to that, very few people I work with know I’m a writer. Those that know I write don’t know the extent of me and my writing. They only know of BookingAnita and A.L. Gibson and that’s enough. πŸ€—

It’s OK for your employer and colleagues to know some things about you, but not everything about you. Not even half. I can tell you more about my past and present colleagues than what they can tell you about me. That’s because I share very little and they share too much with too many people. I’ve had some tell me that I’m very secretive and they hardly know anything about me. Good, I have it that way for a reason. 😌

My blog BookingAnita is a space for me to encourage and inspire others while pursuing one of my main passions, writing. I share stories here, music, poetry and I sometimes rant. That’s what made BookingAnita the blog that it currently is and there is nothing inappropriate about that. πŸ‘ŒπŸΎ

Until next time, be safe everyone!

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