Hugs in my personal opinion can offer a measure of healing. They are therapeutic too. How many of us have ever felt down and the minute we got a hug from someone we love, we instantly felt better? I’m sure you yourself can recall several instances.

I come from a family where hugs are always given and I love that about my family. Our hugs aren’t those flimsy little light hugs. Pff! Those types of hugs you can keep to yourself. Our hugs are those hugs where when you hug a person, they can feel the love just by your embrace. I’m always surprised when people (who meet my family for the first time) express a level of shock at how my family hugs and kisses one another on the forehead. To me, to us, that is normal.

Hugs are one of life’s best free gifts and they are best given when you use both of your arms and hands. The next time someone you love or care about is feeling down or depressed, give them a hug and watch for the expression that rolls across their face. It’s heartwarming and beautiful.

Until next time, have a GREAT Monday everyone!

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