The Dangers of Being Black

We live in a world where so many people are offended by the presence of Black people. If they aren’t scoffing the N-word at us, they are threatening us with bodily harm, causing bodily harm, lying on us to the police or worse. The hundreds of videos uploaded daily don’t lie. That’s why so many Black people have their phones set on ready to record because it happens so often.

As a Black woman and a person of color, I have to deal with racism, prejudice and discrimination every single day. If its not happening while I’m out and about, it’s happening when I’m out with my racially diverse group of friends. When it’s not happening under those circumstances, it’s happening at work. It’s inevitable. There’s no escaping it and that’s an unfortunate fact for someone Black.

Anyone who says such racism, prejudice and discrimination doesn’t exist is fooling themselves. The average non-Black person wouldn’t last a day in a Black person’s shoes and that is an undeniable fact. Black people get up every day not knowing what type of racism, prejudice or discrimination they are going to face. Say what you want, but that is strength, courage and soul personified.

Until next time, be safe everyone.

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