No Excuse! – Words of Wisdom

I came across a disturbing Instagram post where a man literally head stomped a man during a fight. This triggered me because I used to fight in such a disturbing manner. To see it made me even more ashamed of how I fought in the past. Yes, I became ashamed at myself all over again. I know we all get angry from time to time, but there is absolutely no excuse to lose your temper in such a way.

Imagine the guilt you’ll end up feeling if that person would have died or suffered a serious injury. I still feel guilty for some of the injuries I caused in the past. When you begin to realize how stupid and immature it is to react in such a way, you’ll do everything within your power to change. Keep in mind, that other person has family and friends that love them too.

I haven’t fought in well over ten years and I don’t plan to again. I will distance myself from situations that have the potential to trigger me. I will walk away from arguments that have the potential to get physical. I will pray wholeheartedly that I’ll be able to keep my hands to myself if someone hits me. Worst case scenario, if I have to defend myself again, I will try my very best not to cause someone else serious damage.

It’s always best to walk away from confrontations and if you find it hard to, pray to God to give you the strength to. After all, He is much mightier than us all. The woman writing this post is loving the peace she has acquired from the change she made over ten years ago. Hopefully the man in that video will do the same.

Happy Friday Good People! 🙌🏾🤗❤️

Until next time…

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