Mad at the Truth

When people spend an unnecessary amount of energy to “get back at you” for telling the truth, that shows a level of immaturity. Here’s a thought: Instead of getting upset over the truth, learn from it and be a better person from it. Don’t try to deny it or lie. How else would you learn from your mistakes?

Not all truths are easy to hear; we should all be able to attest to that. I’ve had my own stubborn moments where I didn’t want to hear certain truths, but I accepted it because the proof and the truth was there. I didn’t retaliate, whine, make excuses or pitch a fit. I acknowledged it, accepted it and moved on.

If any of you find yourself in a similar situation, let father time handle it. Don’t you become angry, lash out, or say a mumbling word of negativity. Maintain your level of peace and continue to do you because time always has a way of making wrongs right.

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