Hot Jamz – Music for the Weekend

As an 80’s baby, I must say that most of the music nowadays is trash. Wack beats, auto-tune, lame dance moves and lyrics are everywhere it seems. Artists during my time when I was growing up (late 80’s through the early 2000’s) were popping! If you were to play their music now, it’ll still hype you up and I got the proof.

I’m going to post ten of my favorites starting with none other than MC Hammer. If you could keep up with MC Hammer, then you were doing good. The man could move! When you click the link you’ll see. 👀 I remember when myself and everyone I knew could dance like MC Hammer and his backup girls.

Want some real music for the weekend? Click on each artist’s hyperlink below. These songs are all over 10 years old, but they sound better than most of the music today. If you aren’t into R&B or Hip-hop, skip this post because you won’t like any of the music below.

MC Hammer

LL Cool J



Uncle Luke

Sean Paul

Smilez and Southstar


Mary J. Blige


Until next time…

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