The Dark Web

I had a good friend of mine alert me to something that I personally found to be alarming, disturbing and unsettling. She wanted to share this information with me because she knew I would sound the alarm on my blog. I have heard that there are some disturbing things on the dark web, but not like this…

Did you know that there are forums on the dark web where some non-Black men (most were wealthy businessmen) express their dark desires to sexually torture skinny Black women? The worst by far was a forum discussing how they wanted to rape, sodomize and choke skinny Black women until blood flowed from every orifice. Lord have mercy.

Never in my life have I seen such strong sexual violence openly expressed toward a group of women. No wonder it is on the dark web. I wish there was a way to eliminate such deplorable forums because it can very well be a gateway for some of them to act on their twisted “fantasies.” I am sure there are many other disturbing forums (i.e. pedophilia) out there which is worrisome if you ask me…

Look at the following degrading images of how Black women are portrayed on some these sick forums. Just sad…

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