I wanted to shout a BIGWelcome’ to all my new followers and subscribers. Every single one of you are special to me because my blog wouldn’t have grown to what it is if it wasn’t for you. Truth be told, I have way more subscribers than followers. I’ll never share your email because I wouldn’t want that done to me so don’t worry. To have zero followers and subscribers for the longest was disheartening at first for this indie writer, but not any more. It took me two years to get to this point πŸ€—…

My blog is unconventional, inspirational, temperamental, witty and sometimes depressing, but that’s because it’s a representation of me and how I feel at times. Thank you guys for being willing to come along for the ride and for sticking around. I hope that in some small way my blog made you feel like you belonged and not only that, I hope I inspired you along the way. May there be many more posts to come!

Until next time…

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