PCOS Awareness Month

September is PCOS awareness month and I wanted to take the time to educate those who may not be familiar with PCOS.

PCOS or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is a disorder that affects millions of women across the world; including myself. PCOS causes an imbalance of the reproductive hormones which in turn can lead to health problems like diabetes, infertility, acne, weight gain, heart disease, high cholesterol and etc.

Even though there are millions of women around the world living with PCOS, our symptoms are not all the same. What one woman may experience may not affect the next woman. My PCOS symptoms are mild to severe, but there are times when it can wreak havoc on my system.

Warning: The following symptoms I experience may be a little graphic for some.

1. Heavy menstrual cycle – I bleed like there is no tomorrow; a common symptom among most women with PCOS. I do take certain medications to help with my heavy menstrual flow, but it does little to ease up my flow.

2. Painful cramps – My cramps can be excruciating at times because it feels like someone has grabbed a hold of my ovaries and are twisting the crap out of them. Every now and then the pain will make me lose my breath. A lot of it is due to my body also passing huge clots during my menstrual cycle. Thank goodness I have a high tolerance for pain or else I’d be messed up.

3. Fatigue – It’s a struggle to stay energized each and every day, but I’ve become really good at pushing myself to do more and to stay energized. My diet helps a good deal and my determination / motivation also plays a big part.

4. Acne – As someone who takes pride in my skin, I do weekly masks, take collagen pills and multivitamins with biotin. My skin for the most part is really clear, even and toned with the exception of a few scars here and there. If you have PCOS and you struggle with acne, check with your doctor about charcoal masks. It does wonders for my skin.

If you or someone you know has PCOS, this syndrome / disorder requires a good bit of patience and understanding. Please know that there are treatments available so don’t become discouraged if you’ve been recently diagnosed. You can still live a happy and fulfilling life. I and millions of other women can testify to that. 😉

Until next time…

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