Know the Difference

Know the difference between a friend and an associate. There’s a BIG difference between the two. If you’re wise enough to spot the difference, you’ll save yourself from any anguish in the long run. I know and work / worked with people who’ve been slandered by the very same people they call their “friends”. I’m sure you’ve seen it too….👀🤯

When they’re with each other, they’re skinning and grinning in each other’s faces. Once they’re away from each other, they’re talking bad about each other to other people. Would I ever tell them? No. I’m not friends with either of them so it’s not for me to tell. Besides, it’s not my business. I will say this: Everyone you meet or work with ain’t your friend. 😌

I’ve learned over the years that if you watch a person close enough 🧐, they’ll show you who they really are. If you’ve been burned by people you considered your friends, those weren’t your friends in the first place. They were an associate who fooled you into thinking they were your friend. Be careful who you call your friend. 👌🏾

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