Why Should It Matter?

A few days ago Geoffrey Owens, known for playing Elvin on The Cosby Show, was spotted working at Trader Joe’s. Yes, you read right, he works at Trader Joe’s. My question is: Why should that even matter? The man is trying to make a living for his family so what’s wrong with that? SMH at the disgusting woman who tried to shame him by selling a picture she took of him without his consent.

What started out as an attempt to shame him, resulted in a world of support. Geoffrey has received encouragement from fans all across the world including celebrities who came to his defense. It just doesn’t make sense to make fun of someone who is trying to make a living the best way they can. If anything, it should garner respect.

People who make fun of an individual’s job, trade, pay or income are simpletons. Not only that, they lack morals, values, confidence and self-esteem. Those very same individuals behave in such a way in order to try and make themselves feel better about themselves. Pitiful. Don’t be like them.

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