Despicable Beings

Do you remember the viral GoFundMe story where a homeless veteran gave a woman his last $20 because she ran out of gas? Do you also remember how they raised over $400,000 for him, but he never received a dime? Take a good look at this despicable and fraudulent couple / bandits…

How can you create a GoFundMe fundraiser for a homeless man who helped you in a time of need, but then refuse to give the money to him? Say what you want, but Katie McClure and Mark D’Amico are despicable, lowlife theives who saw all that money and refused to give it to him; money that wasn’t theirs to keep or spend! How can you live high off of someone else’s money?

I’m so glad a judge ruled this week that they have to give what’s left of the money to him. Not only that, his lawyer is going to go through any means necessary to get the full amount back. I bet they are nervous now. Repulsive and gutter garbage behavior was displayed by this couple on a large scale. They ought to be ashamed of themselves. You can read more about this story on The Washington Post.

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