Car Wash

I just recently watched a documentary on the African American cult comedy Car Wash and it was both interesting and hilarious. Released in 1976 (way before I was born) and directed by African American director Michael Schultz, Car Wash was full of interesting characters and heavy hitters like Richard Pryor and Antonio Fargas. I have to give kudos to Michael Schultz for creating a movie that almost didn’t get made because Car Wash is one of those movies that you won’t forget after watching it.

Car Wash catapulted R&B group Rose Royce to fame due to their songs (click on the hyperlink to listen) I Wanna Get Next To You and Car Wash. Thanks to them and writer / producer Norman Whitfield, Car Wash won a Grammy for the Best Score Soundtrack album in 1977. If you ever watched Car Wash you’ll see why. I loved the diverse cast and the fact of how director Michael Schultz included some of the people who actually lived and worked in the area where the movie was filmed. T.C.’s afro was on point!

If you want to see a good Old School movie, Car Wash is a good movie to add to your must watch list.

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