For the Small-Boned Women

Ugh, I’m about to rant. You know it’s coming so get ready because it happened (again). This time I was with my cousins…

Having small bones can be so frustrating at times. For me, that frustration comes into play whenever I’m out shopping for unique pieces of jewelry. My cousins and friends can walk into any store and find a unique ring with no problem, but when it comes to me, I can’t! My fingers are short, thin and small. My style is more eclectic, cultural and neo-soul. My jewelry taste is very different / unique…

Unlike my cousins and friends, I can’t just pick out a unique piece of jewelry in any store because it won’t fit. The “small” rings will just slide right off my fingers. The “small” toe rings will slide right off my toes. The “small” bracelets will slide right off my wrist. Why? Just why? C’mon now… πŸ˜€πŸ˜–πŸ˜©

To all the jewelry makers out there, don’t forget about the women with small bones. We small-boned women go through it sometimes. Your average “small” rings, toe rings and bracelets won’t fit us. We want to be able to buy a ring, toe ring or bracelet right out of the store too without it sliding off. Keep us in mind more often and if you can, make your “small” a little bit smaller.


BookingAnita aka Lil Bit (my family calls me Lil Bit πŸ˜‰)

Until next time…

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