A Redding Jewel

I enjoy listening to good music which is something I take after my Mom. She has the best taste in music! You name it: soul, disco, rhythm and blues and the like; I got a song that will stick with you for years to come or for life. When I’m writing, I like to play music in the background because it hypes me up even more.

Tonight, I’m going to share another musical jewel and it happens to be by the late Otis Redding. He’s largely known for his posthumous hit The Dock of the Bay, but my favorite song by him happens to be the live version on the Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa song. He sounds so much better to me when he sung live because he had such an amazing, soulful and strong voice. Not only that, he knew how to work up a crowd! So did his band.

Click here to listen for yourself. The ending is my favorite part of all. I can only imagine how electrifying it must have been to be in that crowd.

Until next time…

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