No Need To

Some of my dearest family and friends were so excited about my first novel series winning an indieBRAG medallion that they told just about everyone they knew. In all of their excitement, they asked me if I told everyone at my place of employment about this award to which I answered ‘No’. I mentioned it briefly to a few of my workmates, but not everyone.

Only a small handful of people at my job know that I’m a writer; less than that know that I’m an award winning author. To be honest, I would much rather keep it that way. Since winning an indieBRAG medallion in the historical fiction category, I’ve received a bigger spike in downloads. This indie author is grateful and thankful. 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

When asked, why I haven’t told everyone at my workplace? My reply was that I see no need to. They don’t have to know what I do outside of work.

One love everyone until next time…

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