What a Character!

Many of you (who already read The Chronicles of Neffie) have expressed an extreme dislike for one particular character. This character (second to Sanderson) has triggered many readers. Who am I referring to? None other than Miss Reisa.

Tonight, I have narrowed down the top eight comments from readers who had no problems expressing how they felt about Miss Reisa.😂 I got a kick out of these! This author loves it so keep them coming!

1. “Ugh! I really hate this woman! She makes me sick to my stomach!”

2. “I wanna whoop her tail so bad!”

3. “Ohhh, that’s one low down DIRTY *expletive*!”

4. “OMG! I never met a woman so evil and cruel!”

5. “Can somebody please hurry up and get rid of her?!”

6. “Why is this woman still walking around breathing air?”

7. “Miss Reisa stressed me out so bad. She was tearing up my nerves!”

8. “Give me just two minutes with her! Two minutes please!”

Oh man, I have some of the best readers! Can’t you tell? If it’s one thing this author would like to say before ending this blog post, it’s this: Please also leave a review. As much as I enjoy hearing from you and adore your direct messages, it helps me as an author when you also leave a review. The more reviews the better. Thank YOU so much in advance. It means a lot! 🤗

So, have you downloaded / purchased your copy of The Chronicles of Neffie? If not, what are YOU waiting for? 🤷🏾‍♀️🤔

Until next time…

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