Disgusting and Disturbing

Warning: This lenghty post contains strong opinions and views regarding the rampant racism, prejudice and attacks on innocent Black men, Black women and Black children. If you are easily offended or can’t handle the truth, stop reading now. If you aren’t a racist or prejudiced individual, then my post shouldn’t bother you. This post is for the innocent Black men, Black women and Black children who have been targeted for hate just because they are Black.

As a Black woman and a person of color, I’m disgusted by all the reports and videos showing innocent Black people being called the N-word by racist and prejudiced White people. Some have had that word hurled at them as they were walking down the street, sitting on their own property, in shopping centers and now, we have racist and prejudiced White people chasing and following Black people in their cars just to call them the N-word. How crazy is that?

Thank goodness for social media because if it didn’t exist, hardly anyone would believe it. I lost count of all the videos exposing such disgusting behavior because several new ones pop up every day. It’s bad that innocent Black people have to be ready to pull out their phone to record such sub-human behavior in order to be believed or taken seriously. You know it’s bad when you have White celebrities calling out the rampant racism and prejudice that is being shown in high numbers amongst racist and prejudiced White people.

Before anyone who is delusional enough to say Black people do this to White people on a grand scale or equal scale, you better check your history and statistics. The legit and reputable statistics that is. The numbers don’t lie. Ask yourself the following questions regarding this day in age:

1. How many Black people have called the cops on White people for barbecuing or gathering in a public place where it is allowed?

2. How many Black people have called the cops on White people for selling goods such as water or lemonade on their own property?

3. How many videos have been posted to show Black people hurling racial epithets at White people as they are walking down the street, shopping, while driving in their car or stopped at a traffic light?

4. How many Black people have called the cops on White people just so the cops can verify that they live in the same nice neighborhood as them?

5. How many little White boys compared to Black boys had the cops called on them for playing with a BB gun, toy gun or water gun because Black people felt “threatened” by them?

Ridiculous! Then these exposed individuals want to cry and apologize for their actions after being terminated from their jobs. Why are you crying now? You wasn’t doing all that when you were foaming at the mouth with your hate. This week, a Georgia University girl slipped up and called her Black roommate N*ggerish. The kicker? She meant to send it to her friend, but accidentally sent it to her instead. When she realized what she had done, she lied and said she typed triggerish, but her phone changed it to N*ggerish. So phones are being racist now too?

The last time I checked, this isn’t the era of slavery and not only that, Black people have a voice now. A voice that is growing stronger each and every day. I will never, ever let anyone make me feel inferior whether it has to do with my skin color, education, social status or socioeconomic status. You can try to make me feel inferior or bothered, but I’ll never feel inferior towards anyone. I DON’T CARE who you are. Not gonna happen, NEVER WILL IT HAPPEN.

Let me say this one final thing before I end this post: I will never walk in fear because I refuse to walk in fear. There are TWO things I can honestly say that strikes fear in me and that is God first and foremost and second to Him is my parents. As far as anyone else? Please. Go take a number and sit down somewhere.

Until next time, treat everyone you encounter with love, decency and respect. Your color doesn’t make you any better than the next person.

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