Don’t Sweat It

Time for another random post in response to a blog request. For those of you who are new to my blog, you can always email blog topic requests to This post may be a bit lengthy FYI.

I have a young reader in her twenties who recently experienced prejudice within the workplace. I was asked how do I deal with such unfortunate behaviors and to list my most recent experience of prejudice within the workplace.

Let me first say that even though I’m some years older than you, I still remember the stunned feeling that hit me when I had my first encounter of prejudice within the workplace. I was twenty-two years old and just like you, I was shocked when it first happened. I can tell you that as time goes on, you’ll eventually get used to it. It’s unfortunate that I have to say that last part, but it’s true.

As a person of color, I know all too well how I’m perceived by some White people. Not all White people are racist or prejudice, but some do exist within the workplace. I’m the type of individual where I don’t care what a prejudiced person says or thinks about me because they aren’t that important enough for me to care about. Do I sometimes find them annoying? Yes, but not to the point where I worry over them or lose sleep at night over them.

As far as a recent incident of prejudice within the workplace, a few weeks ago I had someone in upper management say to me that they were shocked to see that I knew how to interact professionally and socially. They did not stop there. They went further and stated that they were surprised I knew how to shake hands and hold a conversation. Unbelievable and sad.

If you are a person of color and you find yourself experiencing prejudice within the workplace, never stoop down to such a low level where you spew racism or prejudice back. Be better than that because you are better than that. Let them look ignorant and silly by themselves as you continue to live your best life.

Your life is not based on the negative thoughts and opinions of others beautiful people! Remember that. πŸ€”πŸ’­πŸ‘ŒπŸΎ

Until next time…

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3 thoughts on “Don’t Sweat It”

  1. One thing that they will someday know, is that nobody has a heart so beautiful as you ❀ Its clearly reflected in your blogs and I love them πŸ™‚
    May you get millions of people one day following you and make those dumb ppl jealous πŸ˜€

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