My First One Star Review

Good Evening! How is everyone doing? It’s hump day which means we are getting closer to Friday. Woo Hoo! I recently discovered that I received my first one star review for The Chronicles of Neffie on Amazon. Was I upset? No, and I’m going to tell you why…

5 star system

Every reader has a right to express their own opinion and as a writer and book lover myself, I can respect that. When I read the review, I immediately saw why this reader gave The Chronicles of Neffie one star. This reader, like so many others who have read The Chronicles of Neffie, wanted to find out what happens to Neffie. This particular reader acknowledged that The Chronicles of Neffie was a good book, but they failed to realize that this is a novel series. I can’t reveal everything that happens to her in the first novel series.


I can’t tell you how many emails I’ve received from readers wanting to know what happens to Neffie after they read the story. As an author, that makes me feel proud because that tells me Neffie has touched the hearts of those who read The Chronicles of Neffie. Some readers, by their response, expressed a sincere concern for her and that honestly touched my heart. I know it probably irks some readers when I tell them they will have to read each series to see what becomes of Neffie, but so far each of them has responded back that they can’t wait for the second novel series.

I don’t believe in bashing readers who leave one star reviews because that in itself is childish. You can’t tell someone how to feel. I’m still getting continuous sales, my rank is still good on Amazon and as long as The Chronicles of Neffie continues to remain in some of the top 100 ebook categories on Amazon, I’m good! I just started pulling in sales from iTunes last week and I’m totally excited! Also, I have over 100 positive ratings on Goodreads! If you ever find yourself getting a one star review, don’t get upset or bash the reader. Respect their review and move on because they have a right to their opinion. Everybody is not going to like your book.


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