But Why?

So my family, friends and I had a big discussion about an article that was posted last month. If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you know that I either agreed or disagreed with the article for me to even discuss it on my blog. Let me just go ahead and tell you that I disagreed with it. This article, which I will share the link at the end, discussed gift-giving and how women should reciprocate most gifts with sex. Why? C’mon now. Bookinganita is about to keep it real. We’re all grown here so I’m not sugar coating nothing!


I’ve received many nice gifts in the past and even now and I disagree that I should reciprocate sex to show my gratitude for the gifts I was given. The body is precious and it should be seen as something highly valuable and treated as such. No woman or man should open their body so quickly or easily. Why do you think millions of women and men around the world have regrets about sleeping with a particular individual or individuals? It’s because they realized (too late) that particular individual or individuals didn’t deserve their precious body or time. They gave it up too quickly. How sad.


I’m very cautious when it comes to accepting gifts from men and I don’t accept every gift that’s given to me. Some gifts that are offered clearly gives off the impression of what is expected. For instance, I’ve had exotic vacation packages given to me as “gifts” that I politely refused. You know and I know good and well those exotic trips were not planned for us to just sight see, shop, eat, laugh and talk. I’m not naive. Not by far. You know what was expected most likely on the first night of the trip and so do I. Bookinganita doesn’t get down like that. No sir. He wasn’t my husband.


I’ll be the first to admit that I won’t turn down a nice gift that is sincerely given from the heart. Some men enjoy giving gifts from the heart and honestly expect nothing in return. With that being said, there are other ways besides sex that a woman can show her appreciation for a gift that was given to her. I disagree that a woman should be expected to reciprocate sex when she is given multiple gifts or expensive gifts. Sex in itself is a gift and it shouldn’t be given to just anyone. Go tell them Bookinganita said to stop it and to get themselves together. Click here for the article.



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