Don’t Hinder Your Blessings

I’m a firm believer that you get back what you dish out. If you dish out good things,
good things will eventually come to you. If you dish out bad things, well, your returns won’t be so great. I’ve discussed on my blog in the past about the importance of staying focused when it comes to accomplishing your goals. Not only that, to remain humble throughout the whole process. For me, I know that I didn’t accomplish this all on my own. My drive and grit gave me the motivation and determination to do it, but at the end of the day, I feel strongly that God had His hand in it too. Don’t worry, I’m not
about to preach, I’m just giving credit where much credit is due.

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Failures may arise, setbacks may arise, but don’t you let that stop you. Keep those beautiful eyes of yours focused and don’t you ever allow your heart to run low or empty on hope. Cheer for those excelling in other things because there will come a time when people will also cheer for you. You do know it’s okay to cheer for those who are excelling in other things, right? Even if you don’t necessarily care for that individual or individuals, do it anyway because you’ll be elevating yourself too. The worst thing you can do is to hope that a person you don’t necessarily care for fails. Seriously, you can be blocking your blessings. Not only that, your wishing for them to fail can actually result in a blessing for them. Now I’m about to relay a brief true story…


I’ve had a number of individuals try their best to tear me down, hold me back and some tried to make me look bad. Sure, I’ll admit that it worked some in their favor, but what they failed to see (because it wasn’t meant for them to see) is that I was being blessed in other ways despite their efforts. Retaliation has never been my thing because I can honestly say, thanks to my parents for raising me this way, that I don’t care enough to retaliate. For me, it’s not that serious.


As I anticipate these next several weeks, I’m truly grateful, thankful and humbled for all that is to come. Great things are coming your way too. Trust and believe it!

Until next time…

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