Just Foul

I rarely get on Youtube, but I happened to stumble across a video that blew my mind so much that I had to blog about it. It’s a video of a woman who destroyed a gas station because her EBT card aka Food Stamp card was declined. Whose fault is that? It’s not the clerk’s fault or the store owner’s fault that there were no more funds on it. Why tear up the store? You know I’m going to post the video so keep reading. The first word that came to my mind was foul and when you see the video, you’ll understand why I chose that word.


This foul pathetic excuse of a woman ransacked a gas station and felt like she had a right to do it. I have relatives who own businesses and I can assure you she would’ve been thrown out with the quickness. She wouldn’t have the chance to do the damage she caused in this gas station because they would’ve removed her from the store the minute she started to knock stuff down. My family doesn’t play when it comes to their businesses. The same goes for many other business owners. If she had of refused to leave, the police would’ve definitely been called. Not all cops are bad cops. Some people need the cops called on them.


It’s behaviors like this that makes the honest hard working people who receive EBT / Food Stamps look bad. Not all people who are on welfare and / or EBT / Food Stamps act like this. Foolishness comes in all races, nationalities and colors. If it were up to me, she wouldn’t receive another dime, nickel or penny of EBT assistance for such despicable behavior. Sometimes you have to teach people a lesson so they’ll understand certain behaviors are not acceptable. Click here. You’ll be shaking your head as soon as it plays.


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