Nice Try Rosie

Roseanne Barr had her show axed Monday after posting another racist and insensitive tweet about a person of color. She was called out in the past by her ex-husband Tom Arnold for her racially charged tweets, but with all that being said, I can’t help but to see her as a plum fool. Why do I say that? Here’s why. The president of ABC Entertainment (where her Roseanne reboot was aired) is an African American woman by the name of Channing Dungey. Guess who axed Roseanne Barr’s show within 11 hours after her tweet? You guessed it…


Roseanne proved to be her own worst enemy and she freely provided her own rope to hang herself when she posted her most recent disgusting tweet. How DUMB is that? The woman who has an immense amount of power and control over not only you, but also your show happens to be a woman of color and you do something as foolish as that? I tell you it’s true, racist and prejudiced people are some of the most dumbest people in the world.


Channing Dungey didn’t think twice about axing Roseanne’s show and she has millions of people who support her decision. Not only that, she is being praised for her swift decision. With all that being said, you can’t help but to feel bad for the innocent cast members who got caught up in Roseanne’s foolishness. I found it hilarious how her cast members quickly denounced Roseanne Barr and distanced themselves from her. Smart, very smart.

Roseanne is being verbally dragged all over the internet and the news by both fans and celebrities, but that didn’t stop her from stooping to a new low by blaming the medication Ambien for her actions. Nice try. Ambien responded back with the quickness that racism is not a side effect of their medication! It’s funny how racist and prejudiced people backtrack when they are called out by the masses. Racist and prejudiced
individuals tend to forget that people of color now have a strong voice. Many hold prominent positions and so your actions will come with serious consequences and repercussions.


Roseanne’s rise and fall is proof that what you say or do can come back to bite you with a vengeance. She should’ve thought twice before she sent that tweet…

Twitter Rant

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