Focus on What Really Matters

Sometimes we can be too consumed about other people and what’s going on in their lives. If you ask me, that’s a frivolous waste of one’s time and I don’t like to waste my time. I’ve been accused of “not caring” at times, but I can tell you that’s not always the case. It’s just that I tend to focus more on my family, myself and my own business oppose to keeping up with someone else’s life or foolishness. If you worry yourself over things that are of no concern to you, you’ll miss out on all the other wonderful opportunities that are available to you. Don’t bog your mind and heart down with the affairs of others. You can be missing out on your own blessings and “come ups” because you are way too concerned about other people. Don’t do that to yourself.


Focus on what really matters and that is you, your family, your dreams and your aspirations. Everything that you are a part of or take part in might not be for you and that’s okay. Accept it and just know there is something much better out there for you. Trust me, this is coming from someone who is definitely speaking from experience. When you focus on you and what really matters, you will see your life and the meaning of life in a whole new light. Give it a try. I promise you you’ll like it. I take that back, you’ll LOVE it!

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