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From time to time, I like to respond to questions via my blog. Most times it is requested that I respond via my blog and at other times the option is left open to either respond directly back to the reader or on my blog. Tonight, I have a question that was posed to me that I will respond to here. I want to keep my blog as an open and comfortable place where readers can pose certain questions to express their feelings without being judged. So without further ado, let’s get to it. This blog post is in response to a new subscriber who has obviously been reading some of my posts.

I was asked, “What is the best way to deal with hurtful or deceitful people?” Let’s be clear about one thing, people like that are always going to exist. Trust me I know, its quite unfortunate. Some may be in our families, some may be through acquaintances and some may be at our place of work. Everyone is different when comes to handling certain things so I will just mention how I go about handling such individuals.


For me, it’s all about keeping my distance. The less interaction for me the better. If I happen to come across such an individual, I’ll speak and keep it moving. Being outright rude or disrespectful is not how I choose to handle such individuals because a lot of times, this type of behavior is done out of insecurity, prejudice, jealousy or even envy. In my experiences, I tend to experience such behavior when some see that I am making progress in a certain area of my life, being recognized or “catch wind” that I’m receiving accolades in other things. I find that quite sad to be honest.

Even though I keep my dealings with such individuals to a minimum, I also try to keep in mind my own type of behavior considering my temperamental past. You see, no one is perfect and I know there are times when I too can rub people the wrong way. Not only that, not everyone is going to like me or you or the next person and that is okay. The BEST advice I was given by my parents is to treat people right and to live my best life. Try your hardest not to judge others too harshly and if you come across people who do not have the best intentions at heart, treat them kindly and promptly move on.


As my Mama would say, “I ain’t saying you got to break bread with them, but speak kindly and gone about your business.” So that in a nutshell is how BookingAnita aka Nita handles such individuals. I’ll give them five minutes or less of my time and that is what has worked for me.


Take care of yourself everyone and be safe out there until next time…

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